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Brief History of Lighthouse Baptist Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church with reformed doctrine.  Lighthouse started with a bible study and prayer time in our pastors home in the summer of 2001. January of 2002 we began to rent a conference room at a local hotel for Sunday morning services and  Sunday School, with Sunday and Wednesday evenings continuing in our pastors home.  In December of that year our membership looked at a store front in a small strip mall.  After having seen the property we told the owner we would have to pray about it.  As we sought God’s will we knew He would have to provide the money for us to rent the space. When we checked our PO Box the next day we found a check the exact amount of the first months rent and security deposit. Believing that to be God’s answer to our prayers we rented the space.

Believing God was leading us to move to the Saint George area, a small community east of Manhattan about 6 miles, we purchased approximately 30 acres of ground about 2 miles north west of  Saint George. In the mean time we lost our lease in the strip mall in May of 2006.  At this point Trinity Baptist Church who was our sponsoring church offered to share their building with us. We began making  plans to build on our land, meeting at Trinity on  Sunday mornings and evenings and in the Saint George park on Wednesday evenings.  As we continued to plan for building we received word that the elementary school in Saint George was being put on the market.  Our membership and some of the leaders of Trinity looked at the property seeing everything we wanted to build was already there and the building was considerably less money than to build and it was in the center of town we felt that God would have us purchase the property.  So we made our offer and when the new school was completed we closed on the property on October 1st of 2008. One month earlier we constituted and became an official autonomous church.  By the first Sunday in October we were in our building worshiping and praising our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once in our new campus we continued to serve the one who had laid down His life to pay the sin debt of all who believe. It is our desire to make much of  our God by seeking out and revealing  His Awesome Glory. In doing so, we started the outreach arm of Lighthouse and named it “The Beacon Center Mission”. We know that we are so very blessed to be a part of what God is doing.  You can visit our web page for The Beacon Center Mission at… http://www.beaconcenterlbc.org/  

If  you would like more information about what we believe please click on the Beliefs link to the left in the navigation bar.  May the Grace of the Almighty God be upon you and your family.

Pastor Jim Lowry



Matthew 5:16

16. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

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